Recreation Engineering Inc.
The Industry's Solution to Safety and Maintenance Challenges
Recreation Engineering's staff of engineers and specialists has been consulted in the areas of safety, mechanical design, training, mechanical testing, safety research, litigation support, maintenance, operation, ride certification and manual preparation.
Project experience includes inspection and testing of thousands of amusement rides, water parks, theatres and resorts. Recreation Engineering Inc. (REI) also specializes in acceleration measurement testing and maintenance & safety surveys for facilities that wish to enhance their own in-house safety and maintenance efforts.
REI is a member of the ASTM F-24 code committee and is active in promoting safety and education throughout the amusement industry. In fact, REI personnel have supported both NAARSO and AIMS Safety Seminars for over a decade.
Inspecting amusement equipment worldwide, REI is a Clark County, Nevada listed Quality Assurance Testing and Inspection Agency. REI is also listed in the City of Las Vegas. REI's staff holds licenses or certifications as Professional Engineers, AWS Certified Welding Inspectors, NAARSO Certified Amusement Ride Safety Inspectors (Level III), AIMS Certified Maintenance Technicians (Level II), AIMS Certified Operations Technicians (Level II), and Certified Pool Operators.
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